Our Give program is the heartbeat of our office. United Way works hard to raise money for deserving nonprofits that exhibit success in opening access to education, income, health, and essentials. This office has distributed nearly $900,000 to this community in the last 15 years, but we want to do more.

Where do United Way Donations Go?

Donated dollars are distributed two different ways. Donors can choose to designate their donation to a particular focus area, county, or a specific nonprofit. Donors can also choose to give “where it is most needed.” If they choose to do this, their donations go through our refined allocations process. This process ensures that your donated dollars are protected, and being put to good use. See the Allocations Manual for more details.

Why Give Through United Way Instead of Directly to Organizations?

  1. It is easy for you. United Way makes it easy to give. Other smaller nonprofits often don’t have the ability to run automatic monthly donations or employee payroll deduction programs. They often don’t allow you to designate to a particular cause/program. You can do all this with United Way.
  2. It protects you. United Way is here to serve the donor. Our refined allocations process holds nonprofit organizations accountable to your donation. If you choose to donate to United Way and do not designate your donation to a particular donation, then your donation will be added to our undesignated fund. Nonprofits apply to receive money from this fund. Their applications are read by a trained Allocations Committee. This committee then meets with applicants in person to ask questions and get more information. The committee decides what organizations and programs will receive United Way funding. We call these winners our Partners. Our Partners report to us monthly so we can make sure your donated dollars are being put to good use.
  3. Our nonprofits love it! Nonprofit employees are often spread pretty thin. They serve big needs, have big goals, but few resources, and little time. Most nonprofits in our area do not have a dedicated fundraiser on staff. So, if United Way can raise more funds for them, this saves them time and money, allowing them to do more of what they do best – serve our neighbors in need. See the video below to hear our Partners talk about the value of United Way.

Forbes Includes United Way as a Top Five Charity for Efficiency 

United Way Has 91% Fundraising Efficiency Rate